64 Garden Lane, Chester CH1 4EW
(2 minutes from University)


Without doubt the most helpful Student Rental agents in Chester! Would highly recommend!
Nicholas Allen (8 Charlotte Street) - 28th November 2017

Mike has been so great with organising everything for us- buzzing to move in this year!
Sophie Jessop (8 Charlotte Street) - 28th November 2017

Very friendly service, and everyone was very helpful when it came to house viewings and making the best decision for us.
Beth Stenton (8 Cheyney Road) - 18th October 2017

Signed with them beginning of last year and moved in earlier this year. They are all very productive and made me and my housemates feel welcome. The staff members are very easy to talk to and appreciate when concerns are raised as itís clear they have the students best interests at heart. Tim and Mike are particularly helpful, very glad to be with them.
Keri Whelan (41 Vernon Road) - 5th October 2017

Excellent service, great quality housing, easy and no messing around, a change in the face of the business.
Olly Barker (73 Bouverie Street) - 28th September 2017

Abbey Rentals always welcomed me with a friendly and helpful approach and are always happy to help us!
Olivia Leigh (24 Chichester St) - 8th September 2016

Abbey Rentals always provide a really friendly service! I got locked out at the house and they happily gave me a key to get back in!
Ellie Adams (24 Chichester St) - 8th September 2016

Abbey Rentals are fantastic and I would recommend them to any student! Really friendly and efficient and for prices!
Charlotte Rhead (26 Garden Lane) - 7th September 2016

I have lived in my property for two years now and find it a pleasure to live in an Abbey Rentals accommodation, the Company is very organised and efficient. Any problems that may arise are quickly dealt with. Abbey Rentals are a very good company with very helpful staff
Lauren Demarko - 26th May 2016

Today was a great experience of visiting a very nice apartment. The Company has been very helpful towards our future home (11 Thomas Brassey Close, Hoole.)
Cara Cordwell - 2nd May 2016

Today was lovely. Abbey Student Rentals gave FANTASTIC customer service! Really comfortable and good at explaining. Thank you! (11 Thomas Brassey Close, Hoole.)
Sophie Pritchard - 2nd May 2016

Abbey Rentals were fantastic in helping us find a property for the next academic year. The staff are lovely and a pleasure to meet! Thank You
Anna Darwin - 21st January 2016

Abbey Rentals have been extremely helpful throughout my 3 years here at Uni. They have always come out on call out when asked and been really helpful in the letting agency. A lovely team.
Chris Bobbs - 20th January 2016

Living with Abbey Rentals has been so enjoyable so I've decided to stay on another year with them. The staff are friendly, helpful and whenever there is a problem, they are quick to fix it. I would recommend them.
Temmy (26 Garden Lane) - 14th January 2016

Very helpful and understanding when we had problems
Hamit (14 Queen St) - 10th December 2015

Tim was really lovely, when showing a group of 4 girls round he, made us all feel very comfortable and worked around everyone's availability. All questions were welcome and he gave answers straight away, which was very helpful. Alan, is also very friendly and makes sure all jobs are completed.
Nancy Baker (24 Whipcord lane) - 24th August 2015

Thanks to Abbey Rentals the whole house-hunting and moving in process has been made a lot less overwhelming. The staff are very friendly and reliable which has also helped our moving in process. Overall we are happy we went with Abbey Rentals.
Navraj Dhawi (8 Charlotte St) - 22nd August 2015

Abbey Rentals was so helpful and understanding. We found it easy to make appointments and ask any questions. I love our house for next year and that's thanks to Abbey Rentals.
Catherine Smith (105 Astbury House) - 5th December 2014

Abbey Rentals were extremely helpful in the way in which they treated us and made sure that we have a happy experience and got the house in which we wanted.
Libby Gretton (134 Astbury) - 5th December 2014

We came unsure of where to start to find accommodation for next year. The staff here are very helpful and friendly and provided us with the best service possible. Now we live in the best place ever!
Chantelle A - 2nd December 2014

Extremely helpful. The house is absolutely beautiful and Alan especially made viewing houses a lot more fun.
Erin Mcilhatton (82 Gladstone) - 2nd December 2014

Abbey Rentals have been very helpful, always friendly and ready to help. I recommend anyone who is looking to move to go through Abbey Rentals. Good prices, amazing apartments and all your doubts are cleared. Thank you Abbey!
Sonia Afonso (moving to 58 Thomas Brassey Close) - 1st December 2014

Really friendly staff. Really helpful with everything we need especially Alan! Thanks for helping us find our perfect house , making our year enjoyable!
Chloe Knowles (17 Chichester St) - 20th November 2014

Our flat is stunning, it's not like those other student flats. This is an Abbey Rentals flat ! Clean, Spacious, Warm and even has a wine rack! Staff are friendly and always on hand to fix any problems!!
Eleanor Lambert - 29th September 2014

Great bunch of guys and very, very helpful and they took us round all the houses with no pressure. Would recommend to anyone to use this Company. Thanks.
Ryan Brittleton (Room 6, 25 Raymond St) - 19th August 2014

This past year that I have been renting from Abbey Rentals has been great. Everything that we have requested they have done with no problems. The house is great and we really enjoyed living there. Staff are friendly and helpful. Love it, love it, love it!
Catherine Kane (71 Catherine St) - 8th May 2014

Abbey Rentals offer affordable and clean accommodation and all maintenance enquiries and issues were tended to immediately. The service is always friendly and helpful.
The Girls at 71 Catherine St - 8th May 2014

Great help in finding the ideal student home for next year. Very useful for explaining everything clearly and going through prices, fees and contract. Would recommend them to anyone looking for suitable accommodation and staying long term gives the benefits of discounted fees. Very Good !
Philip Wilkinson - 37 Garden Lane - 9th January 2014

Very easy to find a house with a wide range of houses available. They look into getting all the problems resolved, very understanding when it comes down to being incapable of paying rent for whatever reason. Very Friendly.
Louis Burvill - 37 Garden Lane - 9th January 2014

They make everything really easy to understand and are really friendly. If you ever have a query, they are easy to approach and will sort out any problems you have.
Jayne Harnick - 37 Garden Lane - 9th January 2014

Abbey Rentals have wide range of houses, very nicely set out and 'fresh'. Alan the maintenance man is great with problems. All staff are helpful and cool guys. Thank you Abbey Rentals for helping us out. Highly Recommended.
Hannah Laugharne - 37 Garden Lane - 9th January 2014

Abbey Rentals are very helpful, lovely, and friendly people. We were able to find a house quickly and can't wait to move in next year. I would definitely recommend them.
Whitney - 37 Garden Lane - 9th January 2014

Highly recommended. All staff are very helpful and any problems within the house are easily and quickly resolved. All properties are very nice too.
Amani Niaz - 9th January 2014

The whole process was generally easy and stress free. The agents are really honest, helpful and understanding. We were able to organise viewings and they fitted around our schedules. The website was relatively easy to navigate and was very detailed and specific concerning what was included in the house and the weekly payments.
Felix Tyszkienicz - 12th December 2013

Good Customer Service, quick & easy. Can't wait to move into the house next year
Owen Ellis - 2nd December 2013

Excellent Customer Service, friendly, polite and the process was quick. House we viewed was in immaculate condition. Very Happy Overall
Jack Gregory - 2nd December 2013

Excellent Service. Lovely House. Very Smooth Process. Friendly Staff. 3 Plum Terrace
Adam Nagy - 2nd December 2013

Excellent Customer Service & quickly sorted out. Excellent House.(3 Plum Terrace)
Pete Cook - 2nd December 2013

As soon as we walked into Abbey Rentals, the staff were welcoming and friendly straight away. When we told them about our requirements, they immediately provided us with a list of possible houses offering us viewings on the spot! When we viewed one house, the staff went through everything thoroughly and answered any questions we had. We eventually went through with the house we viewed and everything was dealt with fast and effectively! Would definitely recommend!!
Kayleigh Sommer - 20th September 2013

Great Communications. Once arrived in Chester one of the Company Representatives showed us around 3 properties. Explained all we needed to know. Once back at the office the entire process was explained in detail. Overall a nice experience that has filled our son with confidence and he is now looking forward to his days at Uni.
Keith Williams - 26th August 2013

Since moving in, any problems have been sorted out within a reasonable time. Extremely helpful staff.
Johal - 23rd August 2013

Whilst applying for a house through Abbey Rentals they have made everything so simple and easy to understand. Can only thank them for the help and support.
James Thomas - 9 Hoole Gardens - 23rd August 2013

Abbey Rentals has been a very professional Company, who have been extremely helpful. I look forward to moving in in September
Paige Mulliner - 22nd August 2013

Abbey Rentals made the whole process of finding suitable accommodation really easy. They were all very friendly and helpful.
Andy McGrory - 22nd August 2013

Have just signed up for room 3, 85 Garden Lane. Daughter is so,so happy. Very professional service, very helpful and nothing too much trouble. Would definitely recommend to others. Keep up the good work!
Jamie Mulliner - 22nd August 2013

Abbey Student Rentals has been very helpful with my request for student accommodation. They were patient and had a good sense of humour. Also, the offer for drinks is good!
Dom McGrory - 22nd August 2013

Abbey Rentals have been brilliant from the start. Within a minute of being in the shop, they'd found a perfect house and were quick in letting me view it. They're extremely friendly and the atmosphere is very welcoming. Any problems that arise will be sorted as soon as possible. Abbey Rentals are also very lenient with the rent delays caused by student finance with any questions answered. Abbey Rentals are fantastic and always friendly.
Hannah Pritchard - 29th May 2013

I think Abbey Rentals have made the whole process of finding a house very easy. They are always helpful and there if you need them at any time. I would highly recommend Abbey Rentals to all students trying to find a house.
Emma Mann - 130 Astbury House - 29th January 2013

Abbey Rentals have been absolutely brilliant from day 1. They have assisted us in every way possible and been a great help. Without them this whole process would have been a whole lot more stressful. We owe it to them that we have the perfect place to live next year.
Sam Platt of Astbury House - 28th January 2013

Whilst looking for a house for our second year, we found the staff at Abbey Rentals extremely helpful and kind. We have now signed for our favourite house - so pleased with the results.
Georgia and Annie - 22nd January 2013

Moving into 25 Raymond St and finding the house has been a difficult process. Until coming to Abbey Rentals the other Companies had been very stern and half hearted about our quest. We have been shown around the house twice and both times have been greeted by friendly staff. Welcomed into all rooms and not rushed around at all. It has been an enjoyable experience. We're happy now ! 19 Walpole St
Kelli Sayer Hall - 16th January 2013

Having been with Abbey Rentals this year, I am glad to be staying with them for the next year. They have been really helpful and any issues we have had were dealt with quickly and efficiently. Very helpful and friendly atmosphere. 5 Mason St
Charlotte Hill - 16th January 2013

Cannot begin to put into words how amazing and helfpul the lads down at Abbey Rentals have been. We are sooo looking forward to moving into our dream home... ahhhh!
The Hunnies - 3 Mason St - 27th November 2012

19 Chichester St - Abbey Rentals were very helpful when helping me to decide what to do with accommodation. Craig gave me a lot of advice and time to think about what property to go for. Very grateful and would most definitely recommend Abbey Rentals. Thank You. Hannah
Hannah Bride - 28th August 2012

19 Chichester St - Abbey Rentals were extremely helpful and very welcoming as were were first time rentals. I was impressed by the information given as it helped us decide on the best property. I would definitely come back to Abbey Rentals when getting any student accommodation next year. Katie.
Katie Samuel - 28th August 2012

77 Cheyney Rd - Very helpful and friendly - saved the day! Nearly didn't get to view the house. Very pleased and excited! Thank you. Stefania
Stefania Cerritelli - 28th August 2012

Was able to get a room on the day. Very helpful. All information given out. No lingering about. Rhian
Rhian Darwood - 28th August 2012

Staff were really helpful. Was able to find a room on the day. Everything was sorted out while we were here. Thanks. Eleanor
Eleanor Roberts - 28th August 2012

89 Whipcord Lane - Really helpful and honest. They really explained everything clearly. Made finding a house much easier. Thanks. Sarah
Sarah Doyle - 28th August 2012