Chester Freshers - Top 5 Drunk Takeaways

14 September 2018 Freshers

Top 5 drunk takeaways that will save your life

- Written by Rachel

With Chester Fresher’s week fast approaching, we’re sure you’re already being bombarded with flyers and messages promoting all the events that will be going on! There seems to be a lot of help with where to go to get your groove on, but no help with what to do once the nights over. We’ve compiled a short, ranked list of the best places to get that greasy kebab or XL cheesy G-bread on your way home because, let’s be honest, no night out is complete without it…

4. McDonalds
Coming in at last place on our list we have good old maccie d’s. This may be a shock to some, however the treck to the retail park can be off putting especially now the temperature has taken a turn for the worst. Although the prices are good and you can’t go wrong with a 20 chicken nugget share box with ALL the sauces you can carry, the fact it’s a 25 minute walk from Rosie’s, 29 minute (!) walk from Cruise and a 15 minute walk from the SU makes it the least convenient of the lot. Sorry Ronald, we love you but you just ain’t cutting the mustard today.
RATING- 6.5/10


3. Go Fresco
Out of all of our contenders, Go Fresco is definitely the best located if you’ve been at Rosie’s Till Closies or a Monday Cruise, as it’s only a 3 minute walk away. The cheesy chips with garlic mayo are a delight and will only set you back a minor £2.80 and they have a ton of different special offers if you’re feeling particularly peckish. The security guards have also been known to give you their XXL hi vis jackets if you’re on the brink of hypothermia (as one of our team members found out the hard way…)
RATING- 8/10


2. Garden Lane Pizza
This one is undoubtedly the best if you’re after a double pepperoni or even a Garden Lane Special if you’re feeling adventurous. It’s only a 4-minute walk from the SU making it super convenient to grab on your way home or if you’re feeling a mid-night out snack break. The fact that they’re one of the only ones to sell popcorn chicken wins them an extra bonus point in my book, and they even offer a student deal which includes 12 things for £5.99. Fantastic stuff.
RATING- 8.5/10


1. Uni Kebab
Ding ding ding, we have a winner. We’ve concluded that Uni Kebab is indeed the best place to go post night out. The location is fab as its close to the SU but en route home from town, and their cheesy g-bread with donner meat on top is literally undefeated (we will fight you on this). They even do a loyalty scheme, so you can still make a trip after you’ve spent all your loan on 3 for £5 jaeger bombs and endless Bazzalads, what more could you ask for? Winner winner, chicken dinner.
As well as spot on food, our Lettings Leader Ellie has become somewhat of a regular because of the friendly welcoming staff. If you don’t believe us, look at the proof.
RATING: 10/10