Eccentric Sports & Societies at Chester Uni

07 November 2018 University

Eccentric Sports & Societies at Chester Uni

                      Quidditch & Harry Potter;

The Chester Quidditch team are named “The Chester Centurions”. They have regularly play against other universities in tournaments. The aim of the game is to get the ball past the opposing teams keeper to score a point. If the snitch is caught the team gets 30 points and the game is ended.

The Harry Potter society meet weekly and do activities such as treasure hunts & murder mysteries.  

Ethical Hackers;

This society is for students with an interest in technology. Their sessions include; practising hacking, digital forensics, competitions and socials.

                       RuPaul’s Drag Race;                                                                                    

This society offer a range of activities from mocktail classes to make-up challenges. The members regularly attend drag shows and organise make-up classes.                      

                          Muay Thai;

This is a type of boxing from Thailand that involves the use of fists, elbows, knees and shins. The classes are taken by a professional Thai boxer. Members train for self-defence, competition or just for fun.


In these classes, you are taught how to throw & catch flair bottles. In other classes, they teach you how to mix different cocktails at the SU bar. They also offer mocktail classes for those who don’t drink alcohol.