How to Make the Most of Your Time at University

01 November 2018 University

How to make the most of your time at University


It can be very easy to get caught up in the uni lifestyle of going out, having fun and sleeping in all the time, however it’s so important to find the right balance between socialising and getting your degree; that’s what you’re paying for after all. It’s important to get into good habits early on so you’re not left to pick up the pieces and salvage what you can later on.

Although first year is seen as many as just a doss year that ‘doesn’t really count’, for many its crucial in terms of getting to grips with structure of uni and settling in well. Yes, there is much more leeway with what you can essentially ‘get away with’, so it’s a great time in your life to make loads of new friends as well as learning more about yourself. In second and third year on the other hand, uni work and attendance should ideally be your main priority to ensure you do as well as possible and make it all worthwhile. We’ve added a few top tips below to help push you in the right direction;


  • Sleep! Through the week, it’s so important to make sure you’ve set a solid sleeping routine by going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time. Sleep deprivation is one of the main factors that affects university students across the entire country; feeling well rested and refreshed for your 9am seminars will make the world of difference.


  • Speaking of 9am seminars, attendance is crucial to getting the best grades. It can get boring hearing your tutors preaching about the correlation between grades and attendance day in day out but there’s a reason they do; its true! Lecturers often drop hints towards exams and assignments here and there in lectures, and seminars are a great way to make sure you understand everything fully.


  • Start revision early. By consolidating your notes after every lecture and going over complete topics, it helps to store the information in your long-term memory, meaning you’ll remember more and in much more detail when it comes to exams.


  • Giving yourself time to relax is another important factor for success. Putting too much pressure on yourself and trying to do too many things at once will inevitably lead to you burning out, so make time to chill out and see your friends and family regularly.


  • Many students have part time jobs alongside their studies, and it’s understandable in the circumstances. Although having a large amount of disposable income can be great whilst you’re at uni, long hours and a stressful workplace can really affect your studies and have a negative impact on your energy, mental clarity and ultimately your grades. Try to keep work to a manageable amount and speak to your manager if you feel that there’s too much pressure.


  • Eat wholesome foods and cook nutritious meals as often as you can. Filling your body with processed junk food and chemicals is going to make you feel sluggish and unable to perform at your best which is the opposite of what you need in arguably the most important years of your life mentally.