How to Make Your Student House Feel Like a Home

29 November 2018 Student houses

How to make your student house feel like a home

                                                                        Pictures –

Filling your walls/notice boards with photos of your family and friends is always a nice way to spice up your Uni room. Surrounding yourself with familiar faces instantly makes you feel more at home. It’s also a cheap way to decorate your room! Especially with the ‘Freeprints’ app, available on iPhone and android – all you have to do is pay for postage! (Which is normally around £2).

                                                                                        Colour Schemes –                                                                               

Most University rooms are neutral colours – which may seem boring but really it means you can choose what colours you want your room. Matching your bedding to your rug and some wall décor is a good start.


                                                                         Plants –

Not only do plants look nice, but they also improve the air quality in your house! Research has suggested that plants have a calming effect – just what you need during exam period!


                                                                        Pillows & Throws –

Adding cushions and blankets to your furniture makes it much cosier and inviting. This can be done to your own bedroom and the communal areas for when you and your housemates are chilling with Netflix on.


                                                                         Lights –

Sitting in a dull room can have a negative effect on your mood and make you feel sleepy. A desk lamp is essential for that late-night reading and fairy lights are a must for adding a homey touch.

                                                                           Rearrange the furniture –

The people who lived in the accommodation before you may have had a different style/taste to you and your housemates. There’s nothing stopping you from changing it around to suit you better. You may want to bring some of your own furniture, however, always check with your landlord before making any major changes.


                                                                          Clean!! -

Living in a messy house/bedroom can make you more stressed without you even realising. Afterall they do say “a tidy room = a tidy mind”. It’s especially important to keep the communal areas clean, it’s not fair for your housemates to be cleaning up after you or for you to clean up after them.


                                                                           Stock the fridge –

Everyone is used to the fridge at home home being full so why shouldn’t your Uni fridge be just as full? Always best to keep the good stuff hidden from your housemates though!