Secret Santa Gift Ideas!

11 December 2018 Fun and Event

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Its that time of year again, Christmas decs everywhere and approximately 700 nights out to catch up with friends and family. Being away from them can be hard over the Christmas period, but having your own little Christmas with your housemates can be a lot of fun and help to take your mind off the stress of assignments and exams. We’ve put together a little list of gift ideas for the inevitable secret santa that your most eager housemate will drag you all into!




Budget > £5 - for that one friend who thinks they’re too good to do their share of the washing up… - for the housemate that CONSTANTLY complains about EVERYTHING! - for the housemate with 0 table manners… - We’ll let this one speak for itself


Budget > £10 - for the housemate that always manages to get out of doing shots, now there’s no way out! - for the nocturnal one who always leaves assignments to the night before! - for the housemate who’s ALWAYS absolutely milking some illness or other - For the designated spider catcher of the house


Budget > £20 - For the one that’s a bit OCD with their creps -  For the one who’s uni room could do with a bit of a pick me up.. – For the one who fancies themselves as a bit of a globe trotter! - For the one that likes to be a bit extra at pre drinks