Student discounts in Chester that you NEED to know about

02 October 2018 Hints & Tips


Hello all!

As a student, you probably find yourself strapped for cash occasionally. The last thing you need is to be paying full price for essentials such as food & drink, clothes/shoes, transport and media. Luckily, there are hundreds of student discounts available – some that you probably weren’t aware of!

 - Written by Maddy 


LoveChester Discount Card 


With this card – exclusive to Chester students - you can enjoy over 40 discounts in Chester for just a one-time payment of £5! The card will be delivered in the post next day and includes discounts at Pizza hut, Sabai Beauty Clinic and My Storage Pod. My personal favourites are 20% off at Funky Cow Milkshake bar (for the best milkshakes in town!) and FREE roast potatoes with any Sandwich at The York Roast Co. Another perk of this card is that 10% of the profit made every year goes to charity.




As a student, UNiDAYS is a MUST! There’re hundreds of discounts from food & drink to fashion to health & fitness – everything you could possibly need! Getting a UNiDAYS account is easy, you simply create an account by choosing your University and verifying the account with your University email address, then you’re good to go! Never buy anything again without at least 10% off!


NUS Card 

The NUS card has a new name – TOTUM and the card gives you access to over 200 discounts in the UK. You can choose how much you pay for the card depending on how long you want your discounts for. A 1-year card will cost you £12, 2-year for £22 and 3-year for £32. However, I would advise checking out UNiDAYS before committing to a TOTUM card as UNiDAYS offers a lot of the same discounts and you don’t have to pay!


Spotify for students 

We all know how important a playlist is for pre-drinks and there’s nothing worse than constant adverts with the free version of Spotify. First, you can get a premium free trial for 30 days and Spotify currently have an offer where you can get 3 months of premium for only 99p!! BUT this offer ends on 25th October 2018, so you must be quick. After this offer ends Spotify for students is only £4.99 a month (as opposed to £9.99 for non-students).


Amazon Prime student 

This offer is by far one of the best. Students can get Amazon Prime for 6 MONTHS!! This normally costs £39 a year. The biggest perk being the Free next day delivery. To sign up you just need to create an account using your University email address. You do have to enter card details, so you must remember to cancel the subscription when the offer ends, or you will automatically be charged the £39.


If you have any great discounts and deals within Chester that we dont know about, let us know!! :)