Things to consider when choosing a University house

06 December 2018 Student houses

Things to consider when choosing a University house:

Moving into a University house with your best pals is very exciting. It’s a pretty big decision and one you usually make together as a group. Sometimes it can be hard to come to that decision, so here’s a few things to consider;



This is a key factor in deciding on your student accommodation. You need to consider how far away the property is from campus and whether the commute is do-able (think of the dreaded 9am lectures and how early you’ll have to be out of bed!). You need to make sure you’re close enough to your campus and also happy with the distance that the shops are.




Your future housemates –

You might not have known each other that long but you need to be certain that you want to live together before signing for a house – 12 months is a long time to live together!



Budget –

It’s important to consider how much you can afford to spend on your accommodation – take into account how big your maintenance loan is and how much money you need for food and living. The general rule of thumb is that the bigger the room, the higher the weekly cost. Most Letting agencies/ private landlords will give you the option of paying termly – in line with your student loan – or monthly by setting up a direct debit.




What’s included in the rent? –

When you live in University halls, all bills are included which makes life easier. Some private accommodation (particularly low priced) does not come with all bills included. All Abbey Rentals houses come with all bills included; Gas, Water, Electricity & WiFi.