Top 5 Must Visit Christmas Markets!

17 December 2018 Fun and Event


German inspired Christmas markets are undoubtedly one of the best things about December, but it can be hard to drag your other half/best friends/house mates along with you. Show them this blog post and were pretty sure they’ll change their mind pronto!



Although Chester’s Christmas markets may not be the biggest, they’re definitely the closest! We obviously had to start close to home and a perk of this is you don’t have to spend loads on travel and hotels (handy!). Its growing and getting more popular every year and includes a wide range of stalls for those more authentic and meaningful gifts. If you’re organised and already have all your presents sorted, there’s a gin and beer tent, as well as several bars dotted about serving hot and cold festive drinks. Support your locals!




With over 350 stalls this year and more being added every time, Manchester has definitely secured bragging rights for being one of the biggest and most varied in the country. The markets are spread across the city centre, with each section having a different theme. There’s PLENTY of food and drink stands offering everything from bratwursts the length of your arm to amaretto hot chocolates. There’s even an ice rink to spice it up a bit too!




Londons very own annual winter wonderland draws in huge crowds every year, and its not hard to see why! The sea of carnival rides and stalls all covered in (fake) snow is great fun at this time of year, and is perfect to take your bae of besties. Be prepared to lsten to Christmas songs on repeat though; maybe take some ear muffs…




Birmingham’s Christmas market is one of the largest German inspired Xmas markets outside of Germany and Austria, and has the atmosphere to match. It spreads across a large chunk of the city centre so there’s plenty to see and do, and the Christmas Craft Fair next door is the ideal place for last minute gifts as local independent artists set up here to show off their goods. It also features an ice rink and large Ferris wheel (do it for the gram).




Frankfurt markets are one of the biggest in Germany, meaning they’re perfect for those wanting to be a bit more adventurous and splash out on a European winter city break. They have something for everyone here and it has a lot of history, you can even get a guided tour around the markets if you want a bit more information! Flights are fairly cheap as well, and there’s plenty of cute air bnb’s  and hotels to choose from too.