21 August 2019 Freshers

Ultimate Freshers Survival Guide


Freshers week is quickly creeping up on us and whether its your first time or you’re a seasoned pro, we’ve compiled a quick guide to help you survive!


Whats On?

Get Onit are the main student events team in Chester, and they’re pulling out all the stops for you this year. Get down to Rosies and Off the Wall for the welcome party on Sunday 22nd to see Dappy, Monday is the Rave in a Cave theme, Tuesday is the standard Soundclash and Gender Blender, Wednesday is THHE BIG ONE WITH AITCH BABY BOY, Thursday is Flava with Danny Rankin, and Friday is a classic with Paul Chuckle making an appearance. TO ME TO YOU!

Asides from nights out and drinking, there’s plenty of stuff that will be going on organised by the University. You’ll need to remember to enrol, go to your induction sessions, library sessions and collect your books, as well as going to freshers fair and the sports and societies fair. It’s a busy week!



What to expect?

If its your first time, freshers week can be a massive shock to the system! Its important you go into it with an open mind and a positive attitude to really make the most of it. Check out this other blog we slaved over about what you should really be bringing with you - All week, expect to be bombarded with events, tickets, wristbands, sports and societies recruitment, and you’ll have free pens coming out of your ears after freshers fair! It’s a good idea to get involved with as much stuff as you can during freshers week, as it will help you to meet so many people to tide you over until you meet your REAL uni mates. Most importantly, expect fun and a lot of lols!!



How to prepare?

Freshers flu is a very real thing, and you don’t want to ruin your first few weeks at uni by not being able to get out of bed! Make sure you’re all caught up on sleep before you make the move to Chester, and it’s a good idea to come armed with a full pharmacy. I’m talking Lemsip, Strepsils, Berocca, paracetamol, ibuprofen, plasters, the whole shebang. It seems like overkill but trust me, you will not regret it one bit! I’d also make sure you have a look at where you’ll be going out and plan your outfits accordingly so you’re not stressing out at the last minute, especially if you’re going in fancy dress! Maybe get a few ready meals in for when you’re too hungover to rustle up a Michelin start meal as well.