Freshers Ice Breakers!

18 September 2019 Freshers



Being at university means being around a LOT of strangers a LOT of the time. Ice breakers can be a great way to introduce yourself and make friends with your housemates and people on your course, and it’s a good idea to get friendly with as many people as possible! Here’s a couple you can use to get you started…


Would I lie to you?

This one is best played in larger groups, as you’ll need to be in teams of 3. Its essentially 2 truths and a lie, but adapted to make it much more interactive and much less gut wrenchingly awkward than when you’re on your own! In your group, pick 2 people to tell an interesting fact about themselves and one person to tell an equally as interesting lie, then present it to the group and try to convince people you’re telling the truth. The group should be interrogating your fact and its back story (just like on the show), it’s a good way to bond and find out some funny things about each other!



Never have I Ever…

The classic drinking game is a perfect icebreaker with everyone taking turns to say something they’ve never done. Everyone starts with 10 fingers showing and every time someone says something you’ve done, you drop a finger and take a shot. As you get to know each other, you can just guarantee it’s only going to go one way…




Don’t laugh at the idea – you’ll be surprised how different this game can be when you’re playing with fellow Freshers rather than Great-Aunt Pam. Just think, how would you act out Game of Thrones or 50 Shades?




All eyes will be on you with paranoia! Start by choosing two people in the group: one person will whisper a question, such as ‘who do you think is the funniest?’ and the other person will answer by pointing to the person they think. The person pointed at can only discover what the question was by completing a forfeit or taking a drink. No one can resist finding out what people think about them! Just remember to play nice. You’re 18, not 8.