Funny Easter traditions from around the world

10 April 2022 Fun and Event

Easter is celebrated in many ways around the world. For some people it is all about binge eating chocolate bunnies and candy eggs, whilst for others it is an important religious holiday. Over the years some of these traditions have been adapted and redefined, in many interesting forms and variations. 


In Bermuda Easter is celebrated by kite flying, where they make their own kites out of wooden sticks and colourful paper designs. And then they add this special tissue called "hummers" which makes the kites do a buzzing sound also known as the Bermudian Easter. On Good Friday everyone goes to Horseshoe Bay Beach to join the annual Kite Festival to see these colourful kites fly. 


In Norway Easter is the time for mysterious crimes. They have something called Påskekrim, which is a Norwegian tradition of reading, watching, or listening to crime stories. You can find murder mysteries on milk cartons, TV shows, in magazines amongst many things. 


In Germany and Switzerland amongst many other countries they hide Easter nests that is decorated baskets filled with chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, and candy. These nests are supposedly hidden by the Easter bunny himself within the house or yard! And then everyone joins in on this big Easter nest hunt. 


In Poland they celebrate Śmigus Dyngus (Poured Monday), which originally was singly guys chasing single girls, and throwing water at each other. But today, everyone water-fights each other, using water guns, empty bottles, buckets, basically anything that can be used to squirt water!


In the Greek Island Corfu the tradition is on Easter Saturday at 11am, to throw clay pots from their balconies. This tradition dates to the 16th century, where everyone tossed their old belongings out of their windows to prepare for the New Year. Breaking pots was used to scare away evil spirits and mark a new beginning.