Plan the Perfect Student Summer

20 March 2022 Fun and Event

Have you started to think about what to do this summer?

Making the most out of your summer holiday as a student can be challenging on a budget. So we have put together a list of tips and inspiration for you!

Going on holiday doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. 


Wild camping

Camping outside is highly underrated! If the weather is nice you don't need to leave the country. Pack your tent and sleeping bag, buy some nice food and drinks and go to the beach or to the mountain and enjoy a nice outdoors BBQ and sleeping under the stars! 


Festival summer

BST Hyde Park in London, Creamfields South in Chelmsford, Parklife in Manchester and many many more!



Whether you want to interrail through Europe or travel to a specific location, it doesn't have to empty your bank account. 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Travel here either by train or flight! And instead of spending lots of money on a hotel, check out Airbnb for a cheaper offer. 


Berlin, Germany


Working holiday

If you would like to earn money while you explore new countries, a working holiday might be right for you. If you take a course to get a TEFL qualification you can teach English as a foreign language! This will provide you the opportunity to work in Europe, South America, Africa, or Asia. The pay can vary depending on the country. However, if you're in it for the experience, the pay is just a bonus. 

You can also work as a holiday rep, bar worker, restaurant staff and many more things, in exotic places. Check out this website for more information.