The 5 love languages - Valentine's Ideas

08 February 2022 Fun and Event

Valentine's day is coming up, and we have some tips to get you sorted. 

First of all, valentine's does not need to be an expensive affair. Every person is different, and everyone have a different love language. This means that every person has their own way of giving and receiving love, and if you can understand each others love language, life gets so much easier. 


There are 5 types of love languages: 

1. Words of affirmation

People with words of affirmation prefers verbal affection, compliments and written communication. This type of affection makes them feel seen and appreciated. 

So a nice card with a personal written message inside would be great to give on valentine's day, along with a date where there is room for deep conversations and enjoy each others company. 


2. Quality time

People whose love language is quality time, really appreciate if you make them a priority in you busy time schedule. If they feel that their partner wants to spend time with them, provide full presence and attention. 

Planning out the date and showing you partner that you have made an effort behind the valentine's date, would be really appreciated for this type of person. Maybe plan the day to be a series of events. If it's nice weather, make a snack and something nice to drink and take a walk in the park. Then go home and have a nice dinner with some candles, and end the day with some nice dessert and a movie. 


3. Acts of services

People with acts of services as their love language, believes that actions speak louder than words. Doing small things to make their life easier is highly cherished. 

For valentine's day this could be starting the morning with bringing a cup of coffee and a pastry to give them a good start. Clean the apartment, do the laundry and take out the garbage to make the home nice and cosy, and then make them their favourite meal. This would go a long way!


4. Gifts

People who have gifts as a love language prefer visual symbols of your love. This does not mean that it needs to be expensive things, but that you have a symbolic meaning behind them. 

An example can be to buy your partners favourite candy. Or if you partner is the type of person who is always cold, buy some cute fuzzy socks, a hot water bottle or a cute blanket. The clue is that the gift mirrors the partners values, interests or gives an emotional benefit. 


5. Physical touch

People with physical touch as a love language feels love when holding hands, hugging, kissing or cuddling. Physical intimacy serves as a powerful emotional connection to this person. 

So for valentine's day you could light some candles at home and offer a spa day with massages and treatments. Then maybe end the day with a good movie and cuddle up in the sofa. 


Understanding each others love languages can also be an eye opener, as your partner might have shown you a lot of love but you just didn't realise because you have different ways of expressing it. 

To find out what type you or your partner have, you can click here to take a test!