How to be Safe on a Night Out

06 April 2020 Health & Wellbeing



With the recent spike in murders and accidental deaths of students on nights out, its important now more than ever to make sure you’re looking after yourself and your friends when you’re out. Its good to find the balance between having a good time and still being careful, as it only takes one bad decision to end in disaster.



When choosing your outfit, look at the weather forecast for the night ahead and plan accordingly. Yes, that little Oh Polly dress might look great for your insta, but think about how you’ll feel at 3am waiting outside for a taxi in -3. I always opt for trousers and a big fuck off fur coat to keep me toasty in the winter months, after all cloakroom is only a couple of quid; in my opinion, that is more than worth it.




Pre’s are a classic way to warm up for your night, and helps save a few £’s once youre out. Noone likes that friend that hits it too hard at pre’s and is spewing by 8pm, so make sure you’ve eaten enough during the day and ease yourself into it with weaker drinks (AKA don’t start with a jaegerbomb). I like to prepare my room for when I get home as well – Pj’s out, heating on, water and snacks at the ready. Make sure your phone is charged too, and dont end up like this guy....




What’s in your clutch bag can make or break you on a night out, and you’d be surprised at how much you can fit in a decent sized one. Try to take – Portable phone charger, plasters, mini perfume, chewing gum/mints, lipstick/gloss, tissues, condoms (just in case). Always opt for a bag with a shoulder strap as well, it makes it easier to dance and you’re less likely to lose it or have it stolen!




It might seem like common sense to stay with your friends, however the amount of lone wolfs I’ve bumped into on nights out who have either wandered off or been abandoned by their mates is unbelievable; If you do see someone alone and vulnerable, make an effort to help them locate their friedns or get home safely. If you’re out in a big group, it’s a good idea to pick 2 or 3 people to stick with for the whole night so you can look out for each other. Also, keep enough money with you for taxis in case you do get separated – NEVER try and travel alone especially in the early hours of the morning.




It can be very easy to get caught up in the moment and think it’s a really good idea to do 7 sambuca shots in a minute, however its really, really not. Try and take a breather and have a glass of water every few drinks to keep your hydrated and gage where you’re at, even stepping outside for a few minutes for some fresh air can also help you to sober you up a bit. If your friends seem to be getting in a bit of a state, cut them off to avoid having a problem on your hands.