A Day in The Life Of.....Becky

01 March 2019 Fun and Event


Here at Abbey Rentals, we like to get to know our tenants as people rather than just another number. We have an open-door policy so feel free to pop in whenever you want, to report an issue, pay rent, ask a question or just for a chat and a drink! We’re going to do a little series so you can get to know us too!



Meet Becky, the office manager at Abbey. I’ve pestered her into giving me an insight of her typical day to day jobs, as well as a few interesting things about herself!


7.30am- First Alarm…will probably be ignored for a while


8am- Roll out of bed and get ready for work. It’s a half an hour commute!


8.50am- Get to the office, make a brew and turn on all the computers and TV’s


9am-10.30am- This time will most likely be spent catching up on emails from the night before, and resolving any outstanding issues that need to be done!


*QUICK FACT * Becky was a student at UOC and studied photography, until she came for a viewing at Abbey and was offered a full time job!

10.30am-1pm- This can vary from day to day, but will usually consist of dealing with the council, organising and passing maintenance issues onto our maintenance team, and responding to enquiries and issues raised by tenants. A lot of beds, hoovers and microwaves will be ordered in this time!


1pm-2pm- LUNCH TIME! Beck can usually be found in the Abbey kitchen, cosied up with a one stop meal deal and a good podcast on!


2pm-4pm- Meetings, meetings meetings! As office manager, she spends a lot of time keeping the directors up to date with what’s going on in the business and anything they might need to know. There’s also a lot of meetings with landlords regarding house upgrades or new properties, with outside companies regarding marketing and promotional deals to benefit our tenants (keep your eyes peeled for exciting thing upcoming!) and general staff meetings.


*QUICK FACT* Becky spent 2 years backpacking around Australia and another 4 months all around Asia!

4pm-5pm(ish)-The last hour is spent tying up any loose ends of the day and chasing up outstanding jobs and deliveries. She frequently stays past 5pm to ensure everything gets done #dedication


Post 5pm- Once she’s got home and cooked up a nice meal, its probably time for her to whip out the guitar and write a couple of songs. #voiceofanangel #songbirdofourgeneration