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03 August 2021 Hints & Tips

What not to bring to uni


To help you save yourself the space and clutter, we’ve compiled a short list of things you either can’t bring or just shouldn’t!


Yes we know, you can’t beat a fresh dark cherry scented Yankee Candle but unfortunately, these aren’t allowed in your student house as they're a massive fire risk. They cause over 350 casualties each year, so it’s in everyone’s best interest if you leave these at home. For a little ambiance try some fairly lights or battery operated candles, and try reed diffuser and plug ins to keep your house smelling fab.



It may seem like a good idea to bring your printer to uni for those last minute assignments, but in reality its rare that you will ever use it. The majority of assignments are marked online these days, and on the rare occasion that you need to hand something in physically theres a plethora of printers in the library for you to use. It will just take up space and cost you more to run than using the ones provided.


 Old College Notes

I don’t know where to start with this one. Just don’t. Trust me. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but not once will you even glance at them.



Yes this one hurt me to write I’m sorry, but you cant bring your pets to uni unfortunately. Its an insurance risk and is written in all of our contract as well, and we don’t want any furry friends causing issues between you and your housemates. Sorry!



Life is much easier with a car, but all of our houses are super central so there isn’t much need. Parking is also an absolute nightmare in Chester and there’s no such thing as free parking here, but on the flip side it’s a good way to get your steps in and keep your fitness up!