Organised home, organised mind!

27 January 2022 Hints & Tips

We all have been there when the room slowly fills up, and you wake up one morning and do not understand how you ended up with so much clutter. 

When packing your things to leave for Uni, it can be difficult not to overpack. Knowing what you will use and not is nearly impossible! 


Here are some tips, based on our own experience at Uni.

If you know you will be going back home for Christmas, Easter, Summer, then just pack for one season! In September bring a few summer clothes (as we all know September can sometimes be very hot!), but then focus most on bringing warm winter clothes and comfy clothes to wear inside for when you're sitting at home with assignments. Also, you do not need to pack too many fancy outfits, as most student socials are themed, and you're going to end up in Primark looking for an outfit anyways. 

When Christmas break is approaching, pick out the clothes you haven't really used, and that you think you won't use anyways and take them home. When you are going home it is a great opportunity to change your wardrobe with something "new" from home. 

When Easter break is approaching, we are looking at warmer times. Take the winter clothes with you back for Easter, and when you come back for 3rd term you bring more summer clothes with you. Summer clothes also takes up less space in the suitcase, so when Uni ends in the summer, you won't have too much to take home. 


Keeping your wardrobe and drawers organised is essential! Here are some things that could be smart to invest in. 

Organiser for your drawers:

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Wardrobe organiser: 

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Coat hanger:

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Desktop organiser: 

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Just remember that it is easier to sit down and concentrate on the important stuff like assignments if your room is not full of clutter!