Uni's Out For Summer

23 June 2022 Hints & Tips

How to Make the Most of your Summer!!


SO schools out and you’re FREE till October!! Sounds fab but when you think about it, 5 months is actually a very long time to have nothing to do. Have a read at a few of the points below to make sure you’re making the most of your summer break and being as effective as possible!


Get a Job

The first ones an obvious one, but its probably one of the most important things for you to do over your summer break. As well as keeping you busy, it will ensure you’ve still got a steady income when your student loan dries up so you don’t get in any danger, and its always nice to have a bit of money to splash out. Bonus points if you get a job related to your degree so you can write about it as industry experience!


Catch flights not feelings

Arguably the best thing about the summer break is the ability to hop on a plane and get some sun whilst making some memories with your nearest and dearest. Book a crazy holiday with your mates (think Marbella, Zante, Ibiza), a romantic getaway with your other half (Venice, Sicily, Dubrovnik) or splash the cash on a luxury fortnight with your family (Bali, the Maldives, Australia) and you’re sure to have some fun whilst catching a tan. It’s a great way to unwind and relax!


Catch up with old friends

Being home over summer is the perfect opportunity to link up with friends and family you’ve been promising to see for the past 8 months! Put the effort in to see them and it will make their day, be it a quick catch up over a coffee or a weekend away together, it’ll be great for everyone involved.


Prepare for your next steps

Although it may not really be what you want to be doing with your time off, it’s probably a good idea to do some prep work for the next year. Be that by doing the pre reading for your classes or applying for some vacation schemes/grad schemes, every little helps! Itll ensure you don’t fall off over summer and are ready and prepared to smash the new year ahead.


Family Time

It can be tricky going from living with your family at home and seeing them every day to seeing them maybe once a month or less if you live far away, so use your precious holiday time to reconnect with your loved ones. Spending days out together or just cooking up a meal for the fam will mean so much to them!