8 Fresher's personas you'll encounter in September 2020

16 September 2020 University

We've all heard the phrase "there's 2 types of people in the world".. well there's a lot more than 2 at University.. 

  1. The TikTokerWith no college and no exams for 6 months, chances are you turned to TikTok to get you through Lockdown. At least one of your Uni flat mates is bound to have attempted to become ‘TikTok famous’. How many pre-drinks before The TikToker is trying to make you perform the Savage dance routine?  On the plus side, if Uni doesn’t work out you could always become a full-time TikToker..
  1. The BNOC

For those of you who don’t know, a BNOC is a ‘Big Name On Campus’ – usually has befriended half of the campus by day 2 of Fresher’s week. This social butterfly will always be able to get you invited to a flat party somewhere so keep them close!

  1. The home bird

Has Uni accommodation which is pretty pointless because she drives home every weekend to see “This one xx”. On the rare occasion that she stays for a big night out, she spends most of it crying in the toilet because she misses her boyfriend. She replaced her heels with slippers a long time ago and dreams of Saturday nights on the sofa watching X-Factor with the boyf

  1. The gym freak

Got a gym membership on the first day of freshers, never skips leg day even with a hangover and every other sentence has the words ‘protein shake’ in.

  1. The Northerner

Spends the entirety of University having their accent mocked and insists on having gravy all over their chips, bizarre.

  1. The liability

Usually absolutely steaming after 2 drinks, making them an awful beer-pong teammate. Loses their keys, phone, purse, and dignity by 12am every night. If you’ve got a chunder chart this person will forever have the highest tally.

  1. The flat mom & dad

You can always count on your Uni parents to mother you through your hangovers. They are probably the reason you also made it home safe the night before. They will always have paracetamol to hand and may even bring you a McDonald’s breakfast if they like you enough.

  1. The performing arts gang

Everything is a theatrical performance (Jazz hands all over the gaff) and chances are they’re going to be extremely loud, sing non-stop and shout ‘yaaas queen’ 72 times a day.