How to find motivation to start 2nd semester

01 January 2022 University

After having a nice Christmas break, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying life outside of uni for a little bit, finding that motivation for 2nd semester can be tough!

So, we have gathered some tips and tricks for you to plan and go forward with your second semester.


1. Winter depression is an actual thing!

So, if you find yourself feeling down, it is a useful tool to write down and put words to those feelings, or maybe talk to a family member or a friend. This way, you can put those thoughts and feelings aside and focus on your studies. 


2. Write to-do lists! 

Making a list of everything you need to do, both uni work and personal things is super helpful! Even better if you can try and write down deadlines for when you want to do them. 


3. Try to understand your own studying style

We all have our own way of studying or writing assignments that works for us, that puts us in that flow! Try to understand and identify what that is, and what puts you in that flow, so you can more easily tap into that when you need it. 


4. Eliminate distractions! 

Try to eliminate your distractions so that you can focus better on the task that you are doing. A great motivation could be apps like for example Hold that rewards you with points that you can cash in for prices or discounts. Check out the app here!


5. Break down your work

So, back to that to-do list. Another way to do that is to break down your work as well. Set small goals like "day 1: write the introduction, day 2: write the first 500 words etc..". This way the assignments become easier to tackle, and who knows, maybe you even write more than you planned one day because you got into that flow? 


6. Reward yourself

Remember to reward yourself! Every time you have done something on your to-do list, reward yourself with some relaxation time, watch an episode of your favourite tv show, a movie with your housemates, or a nice meal or snack. Because there is a limit to how long you can have an effective concentration, so breaks are important!


7. Mind map

When planning how to tackle your assignment, a mind map can be quite useful. Did you know that a mind map mimics the way your brain works? Maybe you'll end up finding your key headings which is a good start!



Good luck with your studying!