How to Write a Banging Essay

16 March 2020 University



Essays. The bane of every student’s life, especially when you’ve got a million deadlines at the same time; however, that’s no excuse to not get it done, and done well at that. It may be tempting to just rush through it the night before with no thought or structure, but if you want a decent grade then that isn’t a wise idea. We’ve put a few tips and structure examples below to give you a helping hand!


Time is of the Essence!

Tutors usually give you your assignment question a month or two in advance, but don’t be fooled by  this false sense of security and leave it for ages! It’s important to spend some time doing your research and finding a ton of quality references as your essay will be a lot better if you have a solid understanding of the topic, and have had time to form some of your own arguments and opinions.


Do your Research

Books, journals, articles, websites, a quick google search or a look in the library can provide you with endless information on whatever topic you need. You’ll also get marked on your range and quality of sources, so it can be an easy way to boost your score if you put some time into getting it right. It will also help you to build an understanding of the topic, and it’ll show through your writing. An easy way to impress your tutors!



It might get boring listening to your tutors telling you the importance of planning essays beforehand, however there’s a reason they say it. Grab some paper and plan out how many points you have, and what can be put together in paragraphs. Add some explanations and evidence/research in there too and bobs your uncle!


Use your resources

Although there’s a wide variety of resources available for you to use, don’t underestimate how use of your tutor. If you’re struggling to understand a concept or something, don’t be afraid to email them or go and see them for them to explain it to you. They’d be more than happy to help, and after all its what they’re paid for!



Whether you work best at home, in the library or in a coffee shop somewhere, make sure theres as little distractions as possible to put you off. Take some earphones and listen to some music without lyrics (so you don’t get distracted singing!) such as a chill beats playlist, or even just put them in to cancel out any background noise. Bring some snacks to keep your energy up and plenty of water to keep you hydrated and focused, and take breaks if you’re feeling a bit stiff or have a block. Even a couple of laps round the library or a trip to one stop can help relax you!



Don't leave it until the last minute to submit your paper. Your internet could cut off, turn it in could throw a wobbler (as per usual) or your laptop could die, meaning all your hard work was for nothing. Also, submitting it early doesn’t mean that’s the final one, if you think of something else or need to alter your work in any way, you can always re-upload over the top of it. Its better to be safe than sorry.