Productivity is Key

31 March 2019 University




Being at university can be equally as stressful as it is rewarding, however there as so many ways to reduce your stress and ensure you’re making the most of your time here at Chester! With the assignment period in full swing and exam season fast approaching now is definitely the time to try a few new techniques to help you thrive.


Ditch the Netflix

This is a hard one and we can’t believe we’re saying this but sitting and watching episode after episode for hours on end is completely pointless and a waste of your own time. The time you spend after your lecture sat watching Luther would definitely be better spent in the library doing assignments, at the gym getting some exercise in, or cooking up a healthy meal. Treat yourself to a film at the weekend or a couple of episodes here and there, but try to limit it at that!



Apps, Apps, Apps…

Think about all the times you’ve mindlessly scrolled through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in the past week. What can you actually remember seeing or being interested in? The answer is probably not much at all. If you take those pointless hours of scrolling and put them towards doing something actually positive for your life, you’d be surprised at how much you can get done! Put a limit on your apps so you don’t spend too much time on them and stop scrolling until 3am!


Put the phone down

When you’re bored in the library it can be very easy to give in to the urge to pick up your phone and have a quick look through, but before you know it you’re an hour down and you’ve got no further with your work. Try downloading apps such as Flora or Forest (both available on the app store) which can help to keep you off your phone. You specify an amount of time and once you start a little tree starts to grow, if you leave the app then the tree dies, but if you stick to it they plant a real tree somewhere in need! Its good because you can get your friends involved and grow a tree together!



Practice Mindfulness

It can be hard to focus when your mind is whizzing at 100 miles per hour, which can be very inconvenient when you need to focus 100% on the task at hand. Apps such as Headspace are fantastic for teaching you how to calm and relax your mind and apply yourself fully to every aspect of your life. They can also help you in other areas of life, such as sleeping and relationships, and you can get a Spotify + Headspace bundle for only £4.99 per month!



Organisation is Key

Get a planner or utilise your phones calendar. Plan out every hour of your time and STICK TO IT! With a direct plan to follow you’re much more likely to be efficient and effective with your time, instead of dilly-dallying about. You’ll feel so much more accomplished knowing you’re getting stuff done, so it’s a win win really!