The 5 Types of People You Meet at Uni

13 April 2020 University



University is a great place to meet all kinds of new people, and youre sure to make friends for life. Although everyone’s experience at uni is different, there’s always a set few types of people that you’re bound to meet!


 The Flatmates

In first year, it can be quite intimidating to move into a flat on your own with a group of complete strangers. Even though you’re all in the same boat it can be quite daunting! The people you live with in first year may not be your best friends, but as long as everyone’s respectful and takes an interest then its all good. You’ll probably see these people on campus for the remainder of your time at uni and flash a quick smile and a ‘hi y’alright?’ (yes, even the one that left their washing up for 3 weeks at a time) DO NOT SLEEP WITH THESE PEOPLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES !!!



The Partiers

These people are determined to make freshers week last for 3 years. You’re guaranteed to see them at every social evenmt with a drink in each hand, and their insta is full of club photos and glass-clink boomerangs. You might need to block their numbers during exam time so they cant try and persuade you to ruin your life at Cruise every Monday.



The Surrogate Parents

These are the people you turn to when you’re feeling a bit lost, homesick or stressed. They’re usually a year or 2 older and might even be a couple, and they’re always on hand for a cup of tea and a biccie. Always the first to offer you their microwave lasagne when you’re having a breakdown in the kitchen because you’ve got no food!



The Coursemates

You’re inevitably flung into a group chat with these people before you’ve even moved to uni, so you might know a bit about them beforehand. They will save you seats in busy lectures and send you notes from ones you’ve missed, and you can brainstorm revision and seminar work with them. Usually always up for a library all nighter and might even provide snacks AND notes (win win)



The Society Socialites

These are the people you meet at trials, training or get togethers and socials, and they’re always up for a good time. Playing sports with these people will bring you closer than anything, and convincing each other it’s a good idea to do tequila shots when you have a 9am will surely make for some good stories. They might mix occasionally with your housemates at pre’s etc, but sometimes its best to keep them separate!