6 Gyms in Chester

21 September 2020 Health & Wellbeing


- Written by Maddy

With so much going on at university, it can seem hard to find the time to fit everything in. Many students put their health and fitness at the bottom of their priorities, however research has shown that regular exercise can aid in both mental and physical health. By acting as a stress busting mood booster as well as helping to improve confidence and self-esteem, it’s a no brainer really. We have compiled a list of the best gyms in Chester with their pros and cons below!

Pure Gym-  https://www.puregym.com/gyms/chester/

Located on the retail park, this is ideal for students living in the garden quarter area as its roughly a 10-minute walk away. It is very modern as it was only built around a year ago but has quickly become popular, especially at peak times. They have a wide range of equipment (its recently been renovated and extended to provide more space) and offer hundreds of classes a week, so there is something for everyone here. Students qualify for a £0 joining fee plus 10% Off your first 6 months on monthly memberships or save up to 30% Off fixed-term memberships for 6, 9 or 12 months. Although this is a good gym in general, it does get very busy at times; as its 24/7 though, this means you can avoid the rush by going at off peak times.


Total Fitness- https://www.totalfitness.co.uk/clubs/chester/

This gym really does have everything you could ever need to achieve your health and fitness goals; however, this does come at a cost. Prices start at around £35 per month (plus £20 joining fee), but this does include use of the 2-storey gym, 3 pools, endless classes, sauna, steam rooms and women’s only area. There is also a café and hair salon in the building for that extra touch, and the changing rooms are great for those post workout selfies.


Braventis- http://www.braventis.com/

Also located on the outskirts of the retail park, Braventis is the perfect gym for well-seasoned gym goers. With more of an old school vibe, this is a great place to get stuff done. Prices are around £29.99 per month (plus £10 joining fee), and it has great facilities; large free weights area, cardio room, kickboxing classes, and circuits, 24/7 access and a shop area with clothes, supplements etc. Not ideal for new starters, but great for regulars.

Northgate Arena- https://www.brioleisure.org/centres/northgate-arena

Northgate Arena has a lot to offer, so it is great for those who enjoy a bit of variety. Its located on the other side of town making it ideal for anyone living in Abbeygate, Sumner House, Fontessa or Tramways, and with the student discount they offer the monthly price for membership here is £26, and this includes use of the gym and fitness classes. If necessary, you can upgrade this to include use of pools, steam/sauna/jacuzzi’s, and racquet sports. The possibilities are endless!


University Fitness Suite- https://www1.chester.ac.uk/sport-and-active-lifestyle/chester/chester-fitness-suite

This one is perhaps the obvious choice for anyone living on or close to campus, as its located right in the centre of the universities main campus. Although it is slightly small, the staff are all very friendly and they have most of the equipment that you’d need to stay in shape, including a specialised strength and conditioning room. Its open from 7am-10pm making it convenient for nipping in after your lectures, and the price also includes us of the sports hall, swimming pool and outdoor sports pitches. The cost for the full year is £160 or £140 for the academic year, which works out at just over £13 per month, making it the cheapest around.


Primal- http://www.primalchester.com/

This is a modern gym which takes a fresh, new approach to fitness and training. They offer packages as well as just monthly memberships (priced at £28), which include everything from PT sessions to massage therapy and nutrition coaching. They specialise in a mixture between traditional weightlifting and functional fitness, so it’s a great all rounder for those that are wanting to try something new and make some big changes in their life.