Christmas Drinking Games

12 December 2021 Fun and Event

Need some ideas for how you are going to spice up the party? We have gathered some ideas for fun Christmas drinking games you can do!


The Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game


Christmas Alphabet Drinking Game

This drinking game can also be done virtually! The first thing you have to do is to establish an order. And as your group goes through the alphabet, each participant must say a Christmas related name, song, item etc. for the letter they have. If you draw a blank or hesitate, you have to drink.


The Santa Hat Drinking Game

This game can be played with any Christmas movie. You just hang a Santa Hat on the corner of your TV, and drink every time someone "wears" the hat. 


Elf Drinking Game 

If you are a fan of the Christmas movie Elf, then nothing beats this drinking game!



Boozy Christmas Songs

This game is easy! Put on your favourite list of Christmas songs, and every time someone sings the word "Christmas", you have to drink!



Cheers to the Santa


All the players sits in a circle, and one by one you count up to 21. The person to say 21 gets to make up a rule for a number. Just to get you started, an example can be singing the chorus for jingle bells for number 7 or a big sip of egg nog for number 19. 

If you forget a rule or mess up, you have to drink! And the count starts all over again!