Easy Student Recipes

16 January 2022 Hints & Tips

Top 4 Simple Uni Recipes!


After a long day at uni, cooking up a healthy dish may seem like the last thing you want to be doing whilst all your housemates are tucking into a dominos 2 for Tuesday. Although this is good for an occasional treat or if you’ve had a particularly stressful day, a healthy diet can aid you and your life in a vast number of ways, from improving your mood and brain functioning, to increasing your energy and health levels. It’s a myth that cooking for yourself is expensive and time consuming, so we’ve added a few of our tried and tested favourites below to give you a bit of tea time inspo!



Obviously we had to include this crowd pleaser, its great for when you’re cooking for a few people at once. Delegate the chopping to your other housemates and you’ll find yourself with barely any work to put in at all!




-Peppers (we prefer red ones)

-Medium brown onion

-Tortilla wraps

-Fajita seasoning


-Grated cheese


-Mayo/Sour cream


Cut the chicken, onion and peppers into vertical strips

Heat some oil in a pan and add the chicken, draining off any excess water

Add the onions and peppers, continuing to stir them to avoid burning

Add the seasoning to the mix, ensuring everything is evenly coated

Whilst this is cooking through, heat the tortilla wraps in the microwave. Also put the lettuce and cheese into serving bowls along with the other condiments.

Once the chicken is cooked, put everything from the pan into a serving bowl (or eat it straight from the pan to save on washing up; we wont judge you)







Stir Fry


This is a great dish for when youre short on time, and its so easy to make enough to box up as prep for the next few days.



-Meat of choice (Beef, chicken, turkey, prawns)

-Stir fry vegetable mix


-Egg noodles

-Soy sauce/other sauce


Heat oil in a wok or large pan, cut meat into strips and add these to the pan

Bring a pan of water to the boil and add 1 nest of egg noodles per portion

Leave to cook for a few minutes, then add the vegetable mix and stir continuously

Add bean sprouts along with any other veg you are adding

Add the sauce and stir until all cooked through and coated

Drain the noodles, plate up and tuck in!




Sweet Chilli Salmon


This dish is a little more unusual than the others, but its still delicious and is a great way to get your veg in.



-Salmon fillet


-Sweet potato mash


-Sweet chilli sauce


Add a little oil into a pan, and place the salmon skin side down into it once it gets hot and season

Bring a pan of water to the boil, snap the ends off the asparagus and put them in the pan

Cut the haloumi into slices of medium thickness and prepare the mash (if shop bought, this usually means putting it in the microwave for around 6/7 minutes)

Turn the salmon in the pan regularly, ensuring it has time to cook through. Once it is almost done, add the haloumi to the pan, turning half way through.

Plate up the mash then drain the asparagus and plate that up too

When all cooked through, plate the salmon and haloumi. Pour the sweet chilli sauce over the salmon, then add any final touches






Although it doesn’t follow the original recipe, this dish is definitely a crowd pleaser so is great for when you want to show off to your housemates. If you all split the price, it works out very cheap as well!




-Smoky bacon








Cut the chicken, smoky bacon, garlic, mushrooms and onion. Put a pan of water on to boil for the pasta later (add a pinch of salt to the water)

Brown the chicken in a pan, then take out and put in a bowl and drain off any excess water. Add the onions and half of the garlic to the pan, and when these are cooked re add the chicken.

Once these have cooked, add the mushrooms and the rest of the garlic to the pan and continue to cook. Add the tagliatelle nests to the boiling water.

Add the smoky bacon to the rest of the ingredients, and once this has cooked through add the cream, and a dash of parmesan. Season to taste throughout.

Drain the pasta and plate up, then add the chicken mixture on top, adding extra cream and parmesan if desired.