Freshers Week Drinking Games

13 September 2021 Freshers

5 Classic Drinking Games for pre-drinking

With Chester Freshers week on the horizon we have put together a collection of the best all time drinking games. However, we have added our own spin on some, have a read and see what you think…

Whether you’re moving into halls and need some pre-drinking icebreakers or you’re living with existing University friends, these games are bound to prepare you for your night out ahead.

We would just like to state that we understand drinking often plays a key role in Freshers week for most students but please make sure you drink safely and within your limits. Eat a carb filled meal to line your stomach, stay with friends and look after your flat mates (even if you’ve just met). If your house mate is throwing up, always put them in the recovery position when putting them in bed – it could save their life!

Look after your livers as well as your Instagram.


Number 1: “Never have I Ever

Required: A sense of humour and an interesting past

The classic game of ‘Never have I ever’ is bound to abolish any awkwardness and will enable you to learn the deepest darkest secrets of your fellow flat mates.

The rules are very simple, take in turns saying, ‘Never have I ever…’ followed by something you have never done, for example ‘Never have I ever had a tattoo’. Anyone in the group that has, must clap (no sneaky drinking and going under the radar) and then swig their drink.

Abbey Rentals game twist: If only one-person drinks, they must down their bev.


Number 2: "Most Likely to"

Required: Team effort and an imagination
‘Most Likely To’ is a great game to find out what your friends really think of you! The group must split into two teams and within those teams each player must be given a number. The opposing team will then say a statement such as ‘Most likely to fail university’ and on the count of three each player must hold up the number of fingers relating to a team mates number. If the team all select different people then they drink, if they all choose the same person (including the chosen person has chosen his/herself) then the opposite team drink.

Alternative version: Whoever is chosen by the most members on his team must drink.


Number 3: “Kings Crown/Ring of Fire” 

Required: A pack of cards and a large attention span

Some would argue that ring of fire is the most overrated and overplayed game, however we have added our own twist to the classic rules which has revamped the classic pre-drinking ritual into something even 3rd years may struggle to finish.

As we’re sure your aware, you shuffle the cards, and place them face down in a circle around an empty glass. You then go around the circle and pick a card, being careful to not break the circle. The following list details what you do when you select a certain card:

Ace – ‘Sociables’ All players stand and cheers’ each other. Everybody drinks.

King – You’re the KING! Lick the card and stick it to your forehead and your reign has begun. You can create rules, make people drink and basically do anything you want. If your card falls off or somebody knocks it off, your reign is over. If somebody picks up a King whilst you’re still on the thrown, a KING BATTLE commences. Both players stick the card to their head and stand opposite each other with their hands behind their backs. On the count of 3 the players must knock the card of their opponent’s head. Once the card has fallen, the group must say ‘All hail the king’ and game resumes with the new or existing King.

Queen – ‘Queen of Questions’ Once you have picked up a Queen, if you ask a person a question and they answer, they must drink. If they catch you out and say ‘F You’ then you must drink. You turn ends when a new person selects a queen.

Jack – ‘Hand Gestures’ This card is a memory test. The player who selects the card must create a hand gesture, such as clapping their hands. The player to their right must then repeat their gesture and add their own. The player who cannot remember the sequence must drink.

10 – ‘Waterfall’ The dreaded waterfall card is still here! The first player must begin to drink and the player to their left must then start, and then the next player and so on and so forth. Once all players are drinking, you can only stop once the person to right has stopped. This card demands drinking stamina and kindness towards fellow drunk friends.

9 – ‘Give Nine’ For this round, the player who has selected the card will have the opportunity to ‘give’ 9 drinks to someone. They can divide this up, giving 3 players 3 drinks each (3 swigs) or they can be evil and give all 9 to one person. 1 drink to 9 players or split up the drinks as they see fit. Nothing like your 3 times tables to start a night off.

8 - ‘Mates’ Eights is mates! You pick a buddy and they’re your drinking companion for the rest of the game. Whenever (Within the game itself, not just personal swigs) your mate must drink, you must drink with them. When another eight is selected, they can join your Mates link or create their own.

7 – ‘Seven is Heaven’ This card tests your fellow players reaction times. When you get number 7 can shoot your arm into the air and the last person in the game to copy this must drink.

6 – ‘Never have I ever’ You can combine this classic game with Kings Cup! Everybody holds up 6 fingers and goes around the circle. If you have done the ‘Never have a I ever’ then you clap and put a finger down. The first person to have done them all drinks.

5 – ‘Survive’ You pour a fifth of your drink into the cup in the middle. The person who picks up the final 5 must down the drink in the middle of the circle. If at any point the circle of cards is broken, then that player must pour some of their drink into the glass.

4 – ‘Rule’ When you select a 4 you have the power to make up a rule for the game. With great power comes great responsibility….

3 – ‘Bitch’ This card is perfect for anyone seeking revenge on a friend. When you pick up a 3, you can choose any player of your choice to be your Bitch until a new 3 is selected. They must do anything you say and if they refuse, they drink. ‘Bitch, go and get me some ice’

2 – ‘Suck and Blow’ This card will break down barriers! The player who picks up the card must hold it to their lips by sucking it in through their mouth. They then must pass it to the player to their left by blowing it to their lips whilst the player then simultaneously sucks it towards themselves. The two players who drop the card must drink!


Number 4: Beer pong

Required: Ping-Pong balls, a pack of large drinking cups, a large table

Almost everybody knows how to play this one. On both sides of the table set up a triangle of cups and pour a small amount of beer in each one. Two teams stand behind each side of the table and must throw a ball towards the triangle of cups. If the ball successfully goes in, the thrower can select a member of the other team to down the cup of beer.


Abbey Rentals game twist:

Death cup: Any player nursing a cup from a previous round is in constant danger. Should a player sink a ball into the unfinished cup, the game is immediately over. This rule incentivizes all players to finish their drinks fast and holds everyone accountable for every beer. 


Number 5: Paranoia 

Required: A thick skin, brutal honestly and a lot of WKD | WARNING! May end friendships…

This game is not for the faint hearted and we advise you to play nice! Play commences with a player whispering a question into another player’s ear, for example “Who do you think is the prettiest”. This player must then say the name out loud who they have chosen to be the answer to the secret question. The chosen person can choose to not know the question and select a person of their choice to drink or say paranoia to find out what they were chosen for. If they cave and want to know the question they must drink.

Depending on your friendship group, this game can easily go sour so play with caution! Try and stick with positive questions. You have been warned!


Thank you for reading and we would also just like to remind you again to drink responsibly! Go out and have a Freshers week that you’ll always remember (literally!)