How To Be A Fab Bestie!

08 June 2022 Health & Wellbeing

How to be the Best Bestie!


Friends make life easier, and life would be pretty boring without them. Its important that as well as looking after yourself, you look out for your friends too and treat them the best you can. Taking your friends for granted and not giving them the love they deserve can often lead to a breakdown in your relationship, so show your besties some love!


When your friends have something to say, its important that you listen to understand instead of listen to just reply. Take a moment to consider what they’re actually saying and try to get them to open up about feelings or situations that they’re trying to discuss. It’ll make them feel much more appreciated if you’re interested rather than if you’re just replying with the first thing that comes to mind! Try to avoid distractions as well, so mute the tv, put your phone down and pay attention!



Quality Time

Spending time with your besties is a great way to show that you care, even if its not every single day. It can be easy to get caught up in your life but making some time to see your friends and have a laugh will make you all feel 10 times better. Having a shared hobby such as the gym or netball is a great way to bond, or even going for brunch every other Saturday would still be great!




When your friends come to you with a problem, don’t just make it about you and tell them what you’d do or similar situations you’ve been in unless they ask you. Use your empathy and put yourself in their shoes, try and give advice that actually helps them; they are coming to you to help their situation after all. Its also important to find the balance between tough love and being a shoulder to cry on!




You know what they say, sharing is caring! If your friends had a long day at uni or work, they’ve got nothing in the fridge and its chucking it down outside, save them the misery of walking to Asda and donate that frozen pizza you’ve had sat in the freezer for a while. This doesn’t mean give everyone all your stuff all the time, but a small gesture (like giving them a washing tablet when they’re in need) can go a long way.




This one should go without saying, but its very important to keep their secrets or anything sensitive they’ve opened up about to yourself. Even just telling your other bestie what happened in Rosie’s that night can end in disaster and ensure they never tell you anything again! Trust is often reciprocated, so if you keep your lips sealed they should do the same for you!