How to Celebrate a Lockdown Birthday!

16 June 2020 Fun and Event

As we all know, coronavirus doesn’t care where you’re from or who you are, and it certainly doesn’t care if it’s your birthday!

However, as strange as circumstances are, you can still celebrate while social distancing (as we will be!), so here are some of my top tips to make the most of any occasion.


1) Acceptance

This might sound a bit deep, but you need to accept the fact that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic and your health and the health of those around you is more important than a birthday night out. Crucially, there’s absolutely nothing that can be done at the moment to change the situation.

Ultimately, we just need to accept that things are going to be a bit different for a while and that this is how we’ll have to celebrate this year. There will be plenty of time once this is all over to meet up with loved ones to celebrate properly!


2) Make the best of a bad situation

It’s no secret that having a birthday or anniversary to celebrate at the moment isn’t ideal, but there are plenty of ways to adapt to this. For example, many online retailers are still delivering things like balloons or banners, gift boxes and sweet treats.

Alternatively, get your craft on! Involve flatmates or siblings and make your own banners or birthday cards. Not only is it cheaper, but it also gets you brownie points, as people tend to love the thought that goes into homemade creations.


3) Change your routine

This is possibly the most important point: acknowledge that it’s an important day and do something different in honour of it. Even if it’s just going on a different route for your daily walk or making yourself a cake, there are ways to mark the day. the recent amendments to the rules mean you can drive further out now, so maybe go to a secluded beach or go for a wander around a castle!

If you’re still doing exams of have assignments and dissertations due, give yourself a guilt free day off where you can properly relax without feeling bad about it. Today’s still about you, even if it’s not in the usual manner!


4) Make use of technology

Take advantage of technology and video call family members or friends, group facetimes or zoom calls with all your friends are a great way to catch up with everyone and guarantees a good time. This is especially important if you’re isolating at university, as it’s good to check in with anyone that you can’t see at the moment.

Also, many organisations and businesses are doing virtual quizzes, singalong sessions or live concerts, so get flatmates or family together and spend some time doing something a bit different. You could also get a free quiz from the internet and do it with family over the phone or video call, allowing you to all spend a bit of time together.


5) Stay positive and look forward to how you can celebrate

Staying positive can be hard at the moment, but try looking forward to what you can do after lockdown. Talk to friends or family and plan something you’d like to do or somewhere that you’d like to go when all of this is over. Even something as simple as a picnic with friends or a walk on the beach will give you a point to look forward to.

So, while it might seem impossible to enjoy yourself at the moment, there are some simple ways to appreciate special days, rather than letting them go unnoticed. Remember that your mental health is also incredibly important, so don’t push yourself too much. Celebrate the small victories, even if it's just getting up, having a shower or sitting outside.