How to Save on Your Food Shop!

03 February 2020 Hints & Tips


Everyone knows what student life is like financially, especially after the festive season has taken a big hit at your bank account. Moving back to uni and having to once again fend for yourself isn’t really ideal after being treated like royalty over Christmas, however with deadlines coming at you left right and centre its unfortunately a necessity. Food shopping can make a large dint in your funds if you’re not careful, so we have a few tips to help save you a bit of cash!

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Don’t shop on an empty stomach!

Although it might be tempting to procrastinate and leave your shopping until the last minute, walking around the shop whilst you’re staaaarving is a very bad idea. You’ll end up buying more than you would normally, and it most likely won’t be healthy food either. Get into a routine of going, say, everything Tuesday afternoon after your lunch. The routine will help ensure you’ve always got food in, and going when you’ve eaten will cut down on mindless snack buying.


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Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Make a solid plan of what you’re going to eat for lunch and tea on each day, and write a list of ingredients you will need for each. Factor in for a few snacks and the occasional treat, but try to be quite strict when you’re shopping and stick to the list. a Quick google search will give you loads of quick, easy and healthy meals you can prepare, check out this handy collection if youre stuck for inspiration -

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Although years of conditioning has drilled into us that frozen food is bad, things such as frozen vegetables and meats may actually be better. Flash-freezing ensures that the optimal amount of nutrients are retained in the food, and is often much cheaper than buying fresh. It also lasts much longer which is handy!

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Brand snob?

Do you often find yourself going for the big brand rather than the supermarkets own equivalent? For cupboard basics there’s really no point, and over time the price difference between them definitely adds up. Most variations are often made of the exact same ingredients, the only difference is the packaging so be aware! Don’t get mugged off.

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Try and buy ingredients in bulk, and make large batches of meals. You can always freeze them once you’ve made them so you’ve got something to fall back on just in case! It may also be worth nipping to your local wholesalers for things such as pasta, sauces, meat etc, as they do large quantities for less than retail prices! Bookers Wholesale do 5kg of good quality, large chicken breasts for £20!

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Happy shopping!