Moving Out Day

15 June 2022 Hints & Tips

So You're Leaving Uni!


It seems like so long ago that you were cramming all your belongings into the back of your parent’s car, featuring the majority of Asda’s home section and your entire wardrobe all neatly packed into boxes and bags. Since then, you’ve probably amassed an entire new collection of bits and bobs that are cramming up your uni room; but now it’s time to move, what do you do with it all?


Get rid of the junk!

Go through all of your draws, under your bed, all of your shelves and wherever else you might be hiding stuff. Realistically, you don’t need that bottle opener and those playing cards you got in first year fresher’s, although it may be sentimental it’s time to chuck them in the bin. Be strict with yourself and do a full sweep of all the pointless tat that you have never and will never use, you’ll feel refreshed afterwards!




Go through your kitchen cupboards and separate all the stuff that’s in date but you’re not going to use, and give them away to either your friends or to a charity or food bank. Something that’s so insignificant to you like a tin of baked beans could really help someone in a bad situation. The same goes for unwanted clothes, there are plenty of charities that will gladly accept your items and pass them on to people who need them!



Make some cash!

Whilst you’re going through your clothes, put everything that’s still in good condition but you’re unlikely to wear again to one side; a good rule of thumb is if you’ve not worn it in the last 9 months then you’re not gonna wear it again. Obviously this doesn’t apply to seasonal stuff like your big winter hats and coats and your summer bikinis, but it’s an easy way to make some extra cash at the same time as having a declutter! Apps like Depop are a great and easy way to list your stuff, just make sure you’re following all the guidelines for safe and happy selling!



Pack Smart!

Once you’ve narrowed down what you actually need to take home with you, it’s now time to make sure you’re packing it all up safely and efficiently. You can buy boxes of all shapes and sizes from loads of places so have a look around for a good price, or alternatively you can ask around at shops and see if they have any going spare. Sti8ck to putting heavier items in small boxes and lighter items in big boxes, and if you’re mixing then keep the heavy at the bottom. Reinforce the edges with brown tape to make sure they don’t break and ruin all your belongings! Grab a sharpie and write the contents on the side of the box, that way it will be easier to know what needs to go where once you’re home. Keep a little bag packed up with your everyday essentials such as your charger and toothbrush so you’re not rooting through a pile of bags and boxes!