Netflix and Chill...?

28 January 2019 Hints & Tips


Favourite series finished and feeling a bit lost? We’ve all been there and its shit. Yes, you could use the time to be productive and get your assignments done, but where’s the fun in that?? We’ve brainstormed and made a list of different series/films that we’ve watched and LOVED.



You - A modern love story with a twist

Black Mirror - This will mess with your head a bit

Power - Trappin and drama

Narcos - Colombian trappin and drama

Suits - Lawyers doing illegal things

Punisher - A bit of a hard bastard

The Ted Bundy Tapes - Lots of psycho serial killer goodness

Brooklyn Nine Nine - Good if you want a laugh

Sex Education - Funny and surprisingly educational

Riverdale - First season is good but it goes a bit downhill

Sherlock - Benedict Cumberland is soooo good in this

The Sinner - Super interesting, lots of murder and cults 

Designated Survivor - Based around US governement yet still not as much of a shitshow as the real thing

Altered Carbon - super Sci-Fi, bit hard to get your head around but really good

Making A Murderer - True story, someone being set up for murder by the police (still in prison for it!)

Shooter - Another true story, someone set up by the Government for assasinating the president 

Luther - Policeman gone rogue

Ozark - Someone has to trap to get out of a shitstorm with a drug cartel

OJ Simpson vs The People -  He's definitely guilty

The Staircase - He's also guilty



Bird Box - Sandra Bullock is on form in this, a really good watch

Identity Thief - Funny as hell, a good pick me up

Split - So interesting and a bit of a thriller at times

Hot Fuzz - A CLASSIC

Abducted in Plain Sight - A complex but true story about a girl being abducted 

The Blind Side - You'll probably (definitely) cry

The Siege of Jadotville - SUCH a good film, based on true war events (i cried)

Ride Along - Watch after a sad one to make you happy again

Annihilation - A bit sci-fi/alien but really interesting !!

Gone Girl - An inspirational film