PUB GOLF - Chester Edition

11 September 2019 Fun and Event



Pub golf is a timeless classic that is a guaranteed fantastic night for all involved (especially the winners!). Chester is the perfect place for it, as there are practically thousands of pubs and bars that you can visit! We’ve planned the PERFECT round of pub golf below, and even attached a pre-made score card for you to take along with you



We’ve opted for a 9 hole course (as we don’t want to be held responsible for any alcohol poisoning from an 18 holer), so firstly pick 9 different places you’re going to go, and a different drink for each. Then, set a par for each drink (usually between 2-5) depending on the type. Each player gets a scorecard and its scored like a normal game of golf, so if you finish a 3 par drink in 3 put down a 0! The player with the lowest score at the end of the night is the winner!



As with any game, where there are rules there are also penalties! One fun penalty that can be introduced is the ‘water hazard’, with certain bars or pubs designated as toilet-free zones: if you can’t handle the wait, you’ll have to pay the penalty of one stroke in the form of a shot. In addition, drink spills, falling over and vomiting all have appropriate penalties, possibly +1, +2 and +3 respectively.



Don’t be afraid to go all out, were talking checkered trousers and skirts, polo tops, visors the lot. Dig out an old jumper to tie round your neck and amazon prime an inflatable golf club and voila, bobs your uncle. Best dressed golfer gets to give 3 strokes (shots) out to fellow players at any point in the night!



Ok so this is the important part, where should you go?? We’ve spent some time perfecting the route, and we’ll be testing it out soon so we’ll let you know how it goes! Don’t forget, there’s a 30 minute time limit once you have your drinks in each place!

  1. Old Harker’s Arms
  2. Revolution
  3. Off The Wall
  4. Slug and Lettuce
  5. Commonhall St Social
  6. Havana’s
  7. Commercial
  8. Rosie’s (for the big finish)