Simple Hacks That Will Change Your Life

11 November 2020 Fun and Event



A Magnetic Strip To Prevent Losing Bobby Pins 

Bobby pins have a habit of getting lost and then showing up in the most unlikely places. Installing a magnetic strip in your bathroom or bedroom can save you from losing bobby pins. You can make it any size that you like, and they work well in drawers too.



Use Frozen Grapes To Make Your Wine Chilled

Many people use ice to chill white wine, but then it gets watered down and entirely ruins the taste. Others place it in the freezer, but then they find it might be too cold. Instead of letting your wine get ruined, freeze grapes to chill it instead and preserve the wine’s flavour.


Break-In Your New Shoes In Just Minutes

Anyone who has had new shoes, whether flats or heels, knows you need to break in your new shoes so you don’t hurt your feet or cut them open. The solution to this problem is straightforward.

Use socks and a hairdryer. Place the socks over your feet and flex your toes while you have your hairdryer blasting your feet with hot air. If you do this for around two minutes, you should notice a difference. Wait until the shoes have cooled before taking your feet out. This usually takes about two minutes.


White Wine Can Take The Sting Out Of The Red

White wine has an enzyme that can remove the stain, making it very easy to clean. All you need to do for this to work is to pour white wine on the stain, then blot it using a cloth that has been dampened. Dry the clothing after the stain is gone, and you are as good as new.


A Magnetic Board Can Save You From Losing Expensive Makeup

A magnetic board can help organize your makeup, ensuring that you never lose it (especially those MAC lipsticks). It’s inexpensive, and it saves on space as well, offering you more efficiency. It will also help you find makeup you could have thought you lost.

The bigger the board, the more makeup you can store, but even a small board can showcase over thirty products. This idea is perfect for people because it’s also easy to switch out your makeup each time you need it.



Toothpaste Can Cure Damaged Nails

Our nails can yellow due to many different causes, and it’s a good idea to know how we can fix this. Toothpaste is what we are going to need to achieve this.

If you add a few drops of lemon juice in with it, you will notice a special effect. Lemon juice has an agent that is natural for bleaching. Because of that, it will take the yellow right out. Your nails will be beautiful and shiny as a result.



Add Keys To Your Keyring Without Damaging Your Nails

Add keys to your ring without hurting your fingers or damaging your nails

When we add keys to a ring, they never seem to want to open appropriately. That can result in damaged nails, pinched fingers, or even worse.

Instead of using your hands, open the ring with a staple remover. The remover will ensure that you are not hurting your fingers and getting them caught in the ring, as it is able to open it to its full capacity. It also prevents your key from getting stuck or damaged.




Baking Soda Can Help Smelly Shoes

If you wear your shoes without socks you can end up with smelly shoes and feet. If you put baking soda in your shoes, it kills the lingering bacteria and eliminates the odour.

Peppermint oil does the trick here, also. By adding just a couple of drops to shoes, you will notice a much better smell, which lasts for a long time. A tip to remember, however, is not to use too much peppermint oil. It can quickly get sticky. 



Make Your Shoes Waterproof

If you are a fan of making your shoes last longer, this hack will be your best friend. Beeswax works as a sealant and turns your shoe into a waterproof piece of clothing.

When you rub it on a surface (like canvas) and then heat it, the beeswax will be seeped into the fibers of the item and block water from getting in. It will also work on leather shoes, belts, and more. If you are going camping or live in a rainy area, this can be a lifesaver.



Hairspray Can Save Your Tights

If you are worried about getting runs in your tights, you shouldn’t be. If you have a run, spray the hose with hair spray. Super hold works best here because of the additional firmness and power.

It will stop the hole and run from expanding right away because of the stickiness, and it won’t spread on your skin like nail polish does. This is a perfect trick to make sure that your hose isn’t getting ruined on a daily basis.




A Banana Can Give You A Smile That You Dream Of

Almost everything we eat or drink takes the whiteness out of our teeth, but there is a way to make it better. Banana peels can whiten your teeth easily. Simply rub the inside of the peel along each row of your teeth for sixty seconds.

Then sit for ten minutes. After you do this, get your toothbrush, but leave it dry. Brush your teeth, and then you are done. Doing this three times a week can lighten your teeth as much as a kit that can cost £50. Even better? No harsh chemicals.



Clean Your Jeans Easily

Doing laundry is a pain no matter how you slice it. But when it comes to denim, there are some other worries aside from the quarter you need to spend at the laundromat. Washing jeans can result in the dye loosening and the denim losing its shape. One method that many women use to avoid this is just tossing their jeans in the freezer.

It sounds weird, but it really works. It won’t get out any stains, but it will kill bacteria on the fabric, making your jeans smell brand new again while keeping their colour and shape.



The Most Simple Earring Holder In The World

Having lots of jewellery is great. It gives you a ton of options when you get ready for the day (sometimes too many options…), and it’s always nice to be able to accessorize in fun ways. Still though, it’s super annoying to dig through your jewellery bowl or drawer or whatever else you use to find that one matching earring that is eluding you.

Instead, just go grab an old ice tray. The size and shape of the ice cube spaces in the tray are perfect for smaller pieces of jewellery. It’s a super easy way to stay organized.