Spring Clean Guide!

24 February 2020 Health & Wellbeing



Its been drilled into us for as long as we can remember, that this time of year means one thing; no, not mountains of Easter eggs and dissertation deadlines, TIME TO SPRING CLEAN! Its undoubtedly a great way to go into the warmer months feeling refreshed and organised, which can do wonders for your productivity and self-esteem which is handy with exams around the corner! Cleaning and tidying are great ways to de stress and still be productive whilst taking a break from studying, so it’s a win-win situation really. There are some tips below to help you refresh your mind AND bedroom!




When you’re having a clear out, it can be so easy to be tempted to keep that top you’ve not worn for 3 years because its cute and you might wear it again one day. News flash, you’re not going to wear it. Get rid. Set boundaries with yourself of how much stuff you can keep, then split the rest up into what you can sell, donate and bin and STICK TO THEM! Put all your stuff into a pile, and if you’ve not worn or used it in the last year that’s a sign you need to let it go. 




Everyone’s guilty of hoarding to a certain extent, and most people have THE DRAW where all the random items you manage to collect get shoved, never to be looked at again. I’m talking leaflets, yoyo’s and all the other random shit students manage to accumulate from endless freshers’ fairs and events. If you don’t use it regularly its best to just chuck it, you’ll feel much more organised with less clutter around you!




Cupboards are a prime target for hoarders as its so easy to just keep buying and buying without checking what’s already in there. Pull everything out of your cupboards and check what’s out of date and chuck them, check what you’ve got duplicates of and what you’re not going to eat and consider donating them to friends or foodbanks for those in need. Make a list of what you’ve got stocked up to avoid overloading yourself, and plan your meals etc around this. Give them a thorough wipe over and get rid of any crumbs that may have built up for an extra boost of freshness!




After you’ve finished tidying and sorting through all your stuff, you probably already feel 10 times better and fresher. Take it to the next level and clean every inch of your room and bathroom and you’ll feel even better! This means vaccing the entire floor (not just the bits you can see!), dusting the tv, shelves, desk, lamp shades, scrubbing off any peculiar stains that have evolved, and antibacterialising every surface you can get your hands on! Anti-bac cleaning wipes are a convenient way to keep on top of it as there so cheap and easy to use, but make sure youre giving it a good go over with a proper spray every now and then. Pick nice scents, citrus ones definitely makle your room feel fresher, or treat yourself to some peng smelling zoflora which can be used for so any different things!