Struggling for Valentines Inspo?

10 February 2020 Fun and Event


Look no further! It can be tricky to pick something to do with your boo on valentines, but we’ve had a think and come up with some fab ideas that are sure to impress, and you’ll have a good time doing it. Don’t worry, we’ll let you take credit for it though!


Steak Night

Steak and wine is always a good shout for a nice meal with your other half, and we’ve found a bit of a loophole so you can get some dank food for a small price tag. Everyone knows Miller and Carter is a solid choice for a good steak, however the cost can put students off. Luckily for you though, valentines day falls on a Thursday this year and coincidentally, so does their Date Night deal! You can get 3 courses for £26, which is usually the price of one steak so it’s a great deal, and there’s also 25% off bottles of wine and bubbles.



Everyone loves mini golf, and everyone loves cocktails. So why not combine the two and go somewhere like Ghetto Golf in Liverpool and Birmingham, or Junkyard Golf in Manchester?! This is perfect for people who want to have a good time in a pretty informal setting, as you’re bound to have a laugh here. Standard ticket price is £10, however you can buy bundle tickets which include the cost of a couple of cocktails too.


Roxy Ball Room

For those of you with a competitive streak, Roxy Ball Room is the ideal place for you. With locations in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Nottingham, there are plenty to choose from. This fun and vibrant bar has a whole host of different games for you to play, including; Beer pong, pool, table tennis and shuffle board, so you wont get bored here. Definitely a great way to bond and have fun, as well as keeping the drinks flowing. (2022 also has loads of ping pong tables!)


Cat Café

If you’re looking for something a little bit more relaxed and laid back, try booking in at cat café! There are many located all over the country, and it’s a great place to relax with some furry friends and watch a film. You can also get food and drink here, so it’s the full package.


Chill Factore

If you like the idea of jetting off to the Alps with your beau for valentines but don’t quite have the budget for it, Chill Factore is the next best thing. Spend your day cutting down the slopes together is a sure fire way to bond and have fun, and as its so close to the Trafford centre you can do some shopping and go for a nice meal afterwards too!


Spa Break

Everyone knows you absolutelty cannot go wrong with a romantic spa day away. Although it can be a little on the pricey side, there are loads of deals on sites like Groupon and Wowcher where you can get massive discounts! Book a nice meal and some treatments as well for extra brownie points!