The Ultimate Girls Night In

08 July 2019 Fun and Event

The Ultimate Girls Night In


A proper girls night in is one of the finer things in life that everyone can appreciate. When you’re surrounded by your favourite people, favourite food and favourite pamper products, what on earth could possibly go wrong?? Below is the recipe for the PERFECT night in with ya besties!!


Phase 1: The People

It’s vital that you invite a great group of people who get on to this night as they are the founding pillars that can make or break the night. Try not to mix too many friendship groups as that’s where problems can start to arise, and settle any lingering beef beforehand so it doesn’t all kick off.Make sure you have enough room for everyone as well, as sleeping on the floor isn’t everyones cup of tea!


Phase 2: The Location

Leading on from phase 1 is the location your girls night will be held. Its usually best to nominate the person with the biggest front room so you can all spread out instead of being squished on to one sofa, however somewhere that’s easy for everyone to reach is also ideal. Maybe even whoever’s house is closest to town JUST IN CASE you get the urge to go out…


Phase 3: The Food

Arguably the most important and highly anticipated part of the night…what food you gonna eat? You could keep it fairly healthy and make fajitas or go full pig mode and order a whopping Chinese or Indian, but which is it gonna be? A show of hands is probably best for this, however if it’s a fairly even split then deffo order more than one. Dominos is always a good idea too lets be honest, those pepperoni dough ball twists wow phenomenal. Make sure you stock up on the snacks as well, I’m talking 9 share bags of malteser buttons and caramel nibbles, as well as a big fuck off camembert with a big ass crusty bread.


Phase 4: The Drinks

No girls night would be complete without a couple of beverages now would it? Get a couple of bottles of wine and some frozen cocktail mixtures, as well as soft options for anyone who doesn’t want to drink. Set up a few casual drinking games to get the fun started but id probably avoid the vodka shots of you’re keeping it chilled.


Phase 5: The Entertainment

Obviously you’ve gotta kick it off with a 9pm Love Island session and then spend around half an hour bitching about the contestants and how much better suited you are to Michael beause he’s obviously the fittest in there. But after that, the possibilities are endless! Pick some films or that new series you’ve been waiting to binge and voila! Pick a rom-com to start with, then  a horror and then a comedy so that you don’t have to sleep with the lights on!