Abbey Student Rentals have developed an alliance Chester-based IT Solutions company Ten Ten Systems, to provide Abbey tenants with a range of computer services tailored to their needs including broadband and IT support.

Ten Ten Systems Computer Services

Connectivity Services

We understand that having access to reliable wireless broadband is essential to student life, whether it is for study or recreation. Therefore, we want to provide our tenants with the best service.  If you find that your broadband service is slower than usual, or you have problems connecting, we advise that you contact Ten Ten Systems directly, so they can run the necessary diagnostics to resolve the issue.

Looking for a replacement laptop or tablet?

Ten Ten Systems can provide reliable, bespoke and affordable laptops and tablets. Whether you need it for completing assignments or a custom build with extra memory for a University project. They can help get the right product for your needs.  

What Student IT Support do they offer?

We know that things can go wrong with your computer and devices, and that not every student is tech savvy!  Ten Ten Systems can help with your IT issues or queries.

What can I do if my computer has a virus?

You receive an email with an exciting offer, you eagerly click on the link provided. Only to realise you now have a virus on your computer. It is an easy mistake to make.  If you find yourself in this position, don’t panic.  Contact Ten Ten Systems and they will take the stress away, and advise you of the best course of action.

Getting connected to your property’s Wi-Fi?

Once you have moved into your property, the next step is to get connected to the Wi-Fi. To access your property’s Wi-Fi, refer to the house noticeboard which will contain the necessary information.  If you have problems connecting contact Ten Ten Systems for help, their team of experts will be on hand.

How can I contact Ten Ten Systems?

Ten Ten Systems are open Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 5.30pm. Click here to contact them.
Tel: 01244 408990